Shawn Lights Lut Pack

With the addition of Lumetri being native to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, I’ve decided to start utilizing it more. Previously I color graded almost exclusively in Magic Bullet Looks by Red Giant. I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about my Magic Bullet Looks pack, but I’ve also received an equal amount of feedback requesting lut files for the looks I created. It took some time but I finally created my first lut pack and I’m making it available for free.

Dark Rain Forest

Autumn is a warm look that showcases the red, orange, and brown in an image. Bloodborne is a look inspired by the game by the same name. This look cools off the entire image but makes red stand out. Although, I normally reduce the exposure when I use this look to really give it a cold goth look, I made it brighter than usual so you can adjust it easier to your shot. Dark Rain Forest is my default look that I use for majority of my shots. It’s cinematic and with some minor adjustments it tends to work on most shots. Indie is a look that is heavily de-saturated and cooled off. Sin City is modeled off of the movie by the same name. Black and white image with red popping out. Finally, I have a lut for a look that I’m asked about the most. The David Fincher look is now in lut form.

Shawn Lights Luts

Free download here: Shawn Lights Lut Pack


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