New Magic Bullet Looks Pack (free download)

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Hey everyone,

I want to thank you all for checking out my blog and subscribing to My magic bullet looks pack has been downloaded an impressive amount of times and I’m happy to hear that you guys and girls love them. Today I would like to announce some new additions dubbed “Shawn’s Magic Bullet Looks Pack 2.0”. This pack will include the original looks as well as the new ones. New additions include bronze filter, warm cinema, shawn’s bleach bypass, shawn’s cool cinema, west look, and The Town look.m

Bronze filter

The bronze filter gives a subtle bronze look that can give your film a period piece vibe.

Warm cinema

The warm cinema look is for when you want to get that orangeish red hue out of your shot.

Shawns bleach bypass

Shawn’s bleach bypass is a unsaturated look that tries to refrain from overdoing the desaturation.

Shawns cool cinema

Shawn’s cool cinema look is my cooled off look that as always tries to be subtle.


The west look is for that hot western style.

The Town

The Town look is inspired by you guest it, the film The Town. In this film Boston was very cold and the color was desaturated.

I want to thank you all for supporting me and my team. We at flopitworks have been overwhelmed by the immense support the film community has shown us and we’re planning on working on some more films and tutorials this year. Once again thank you all and I hope this download benefits you.

Download here and remember you can control the look with a simple strength slider.

Controlling the look



Now added: Bloodborne Look

Inspired by the popular video game, I had a dream where I created a grade that cooled and desaturated the image to almost grey territory. However, the color red will still pop in a menacing way. I woke up and started working on the Bloodborne look.


Bloodborne Look

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