Free Download of my Magic Bullet Looks Preset Pack

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share with you a gift I made for all of the visitors of my site. Magic Bullet Looks is a common color grading plugin for popular NLEs. During the time I have been using it, I developed several presets. I decided to allow any visitor of this site to download the presets 100% free. I hope you like them and remember they are 100% customizable. Therefore, you can apply one of my presets and adjust accordingly. Here is a useful tip: Apply the look preset to an adjustment layer that way you can adjust the opacity. You can also mix presets using this method.

Shawn Lights Magic Bullet Looks Presets

In this preset pack you will get:

  1. Shawn Lights Look
  2.  Shawn Lights Look 2
  3. Cinema Profile
  4. Cinema Profile 2
  5. David Fincher Palette Look
  6. Silver Stock 

Thanks for the support and make sure you follow me on twitter and like our facebook page, cheers!

Twitter: @Shawn_Lights

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @Flopitworks


Download Preset Pack

20 Replies to “Free Download of my Magic Bullet Looks Preset Pack”

  1. Hey Shawn thanks for the download, I’m having an issue finding the ~\Library\Application Support\LooksBuilder\Looks on my Mac. I have Magic Bullet Looks already but I’m clueless as to how to find the setup to install.

    1. Yea you should be able to drop the files into the looks folder located in that directory. Try using finder and search for lookbuilder and hopefully it shows up.

  2. I downloaded them, I extracted the files but now I don’t know what to do in order to have the presets in my MBL. PLEASE HELP

    1. To import the presets move the “Shawn Lights Preset” folder to:

      Mac OS

      The directory location on Mac OS X is:

      ~\Library\Application Support\LooksBuilder\Looks

      Windows OS

      The default directory location on Windows is:

      C:\Program Files\LooksBuilder\Looks\Custom

    1. When you install Magic Bullet Looks it should create a looks builder folder. Try loading up a project in your editor, put magic bullet looks on a clip. In the effects panel click edit under looks and the looks builder should launch. Mess around with it and click file export look. You’ll be able to see if you have a looks builder folder because that’s always the default save location.

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